Get Famous: Create-A-Sim Overview/Review

After diving into Create-A-Sim mode for the first time, it’s safe to say it has some of my favorite additions to the game, EVER! I’m absolutely in love with a few of the costumes your sims can wear while working as an actor/actress. I’ve noticed that as the Sims 4 progresses, the amount of details on the clothing increases immensely. I’m talking about zippers, folds, tucks, and even shirt or pant pockets. I’m so proud of what the Sims team is pulling off, and hope for continuous improvements in the expansions to come! You can check out my FULL overview of the brand new Create-A-Sim assets that have arrived with Get Famous by clicking on the video below. I also answer a handful of Sims Camp questions from my lovely Pixeladers.


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