Get Famous: Build Mode Overview/Review

I was very disappointed to see the lack of features in build mode, but knowing that terrain manipulation is just around the corner, it kind of makes up for it. While in my early gameplay session, I completely forgot to click on the window panel, so I’m unsure if new windows were added to the game, but with new doors, an array of flooring, roof decorations, a truckload of wallpaper, and even 2 brand new staircases, I’m not too upset with the lack of build mode features. I’ve been wanted new staircases for a while, and hope that very soon we get the highly requested spiral staircases simmers have been dreaming of since the launch of The Sims 4. To watch the FULL build mode overview, click on the video below. A Sims Camp Q&A from my very own Pixelade army is also included in the video.


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