Get Famous: Del Sol Valley World Overview/Review


After attending Sims Camp, I have mixed feelings about the brand new world coming with the Get Famous expansion pack. Just after launch, I was so ecstatic to finally see something new in the game, but after playing with the world for a few short minutes I began to realize that it really lacked something. The amount of detail in this world is insane. From the cars parked along the streets of Mirage Park to the small street signs lined one after another, it really felt like something fresh.

It wasn’t until I began to click around the world that I realized most of the awesome detail wasn’t accessible or interactive. Yes, there are tons of parked cars, boats, RV’s, and so much more, but those are just decor items. As far into The Sims 4 as we are, it pains me to know we still don’t have these items as interactive objects for our sims, especially since most of the simming community has been requesting it for years.

Aside from the level of detail in the world, I was also hoping for more lots per neighborhood. With previous worlds Windenburg and Willow Creek, we got upwards of 4 lots in a single neighborhood. Having 2 neighborhoods (Mirage Park and The Pinnacles) where we only have 3 lots, 1 or 2 being starter lots is another letdown.

With the number of lots per neighborhood, and large inaccessible areas of each neighborhood being my only complaints, the rest of the world is pretty awesome in my opinion. You can tell the Sims team really focused their time on making sure the weather patterns from Seasons really tie into how this brand new world appears to the player. The heat waves appear warmer, and everything just feels so California like. It’s truly magical. I’ve yet to experience thunderstorms in this gorgeous world, but I can’t imagine how powerful they’ll feel.

The gorgeous view of downtown from The Pinnacles is something to melt over. Though the architecture in the distance is not interactive it’s still amazing to have your sims sit on the back porch of their million simoleon mansion to take in the breathtaking view.

I can easily say that Del Sol Valley is my least favorite expansion pack world, but it doesn’t lack detail one bit. Its breathtaking views make it feel magical, but it just doesn’t strike me as a world I’ll love years down the line.

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  1. Yeah, I don’t play the Sims ( I don’t have a computer) but I have watched a bunch of videos and when I recently watched the world overview by Neecxle, I m ust say I t was tiny. However, they do seem to be hinting in Simmers faces with the or he number of cars in the vicinity. Just an idea.

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