The Sims 4 Get Famous: Key Features

Origin has leaked many of the ‘Get Famous’ expansion pack’s key features. You can find them quoted below.

Reach for the stars

Rise to stardom as an actor or influencer and navigate the wild turns of wealth and fame. Audition for career-making roles, attend wardrobe fittings, buy a mega mansion & cruise through Del Sol Valley in style.

You’ve got fans

The famous life was made for your Sims, so show off your fab celebrity lifestyle.

Claim Your Fame

Embark on a glamorous career path and face the challenges that come with being a pop culture icon.

Act the Part

Audition for commercial gigs or land a breakout role in the latest blockbuster

Run This Town

Be the talk of the town when you find yourself in a mansion at The Pinnacles with a spot on the walk of fame.

Live a Lavish Lifestyle

Go from extravagant set costumes to chic streetwear as you strut down Starlight Boulevard

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